Christmas ham

I was lucky enough when I went shopping the other day to get a 5kg portion of leg ham at half price, yes! I guess the grocery stores don’t sell many hams if it’s not Christmas time. My gain. So I bought my leg of ham, brought it home, sliced it up and popped it in bags (enough for several sandwiches) and straight in the freezer.

Sliced ham from the deli is usually a lot dearer per kilogram so I’m quite happy with my ham purchase and I have enough ham for sandwiches etc until at least March. I did buy a ham for Christmas it’s our breakfast on the day but of course by now it’s all gone.

Christmas day was everywhere but our house on the day so a lot of the ‘fun’ food stuffs I bought and put away are still in the cupboard in packets unopened so we will to some degree be having Christmas for a time to come.


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