We call shallots the long thin skinny ones and the long thin skinny ones with the small onion like bulb on the bottom a spring onion.  One of those foods that has more than one name world wide.

I’m talking about what I call shallots this time. Shallots are something I grow from seedlings, I always have them in my garden BUT over this last Christmas season I ran out of all my usable shallots and had to buy some for my salads.

Did you know that if you cut the root end off about 1.5cm up the shallot that you can plant the root in soil and it will grow? They grow fairly quickly these were planted just over a week ago.growing shallot

I planted 6 as that is what came in the bunch I bought from the store (I stored in my fridge until I used them) You can see the new growth out of the top.

Shallots are one of those vegetables that can be cut off at soil level, use shallot and the shallot will grow again.

You can grow them in a pot or in your garden, they are so easy even I as the haphazard occasional vegetable gardener can do.

I say shallots are on the left and spring onions on the right.


I’ve not tried this with spring onions so don’t know how it would work but you could give it a go and see what happens.


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    • Jennifer crewe on January 12, 2015 at 1:17 pm
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    I don’t think I know shallots. What I get in Coles here called shallots look like realky small brown onions. Very similar to pickling onions. Although we do get spring onions for salads etc. will have to google some photos and see if I can find them. Growing over and over sounds like a good trick. Thanks for sharing.

  1. Jennifer I popped in a compare picture for you in above post, I hope this is a help we probably call them opposites to each other lol

    • Sharon L on January 22, 2015 at 11:56 pm
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    Shallots grown in clusters (like garlic). They have coppery skins and their off-white flesh, which is usually tinged with magenta.
    In the photo above, on the left are what we call green onions and on the right spring onions.

  2. Yes my shallots grow in clusters, if I plant them that way. I usually try to spread them out as that makes them easier to cut off at ground level so that they will grow again. I just cut them when I need them I guess when they’re dried out a bit the outer skins go coppery?
    My thinking is as there is no oniony bulb on the bottom we don’t call them an onion but as I’ve found out the same thing world wide can have many different names.

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