For many years now I’ve never had the inclination to try cornbread, if we have a bread with our dinner it’s usually a garlic or herb bread, a proper bread with yeast.

In my little quest to find gluten free snacks I found recipes for cornmeal (I usually buy polenta, which technically is an Italian dish with coarse cornmeal but the package says Polenta) and corn bread.

So I rearranged a cornbread recipe to meet my needs for now.

I’ve found that cornflour can replace xanthum gum, I always have cornflour on hand. The cornflour container in the pantry now also has a xanthum label as well.

So if you’re trying my  Cornbread gluten free recipe although I’ve made it muffins in can go in a slice tray or a loaf tin for variations you just have to adjust your times. This recipe is sweet so next time I’d pop in choc chips to make it more muffiny OR at least halve the sugar and pop in herbs to serve with butter.

I’m working up my little stash of gluten free foods.


Corn Bread – Gluten free

A sweet corn bread to corn muffins.

Canned salmon

My husband does not like tuna in fact he eats very little fish. If it’s fresh he’ll only eat it crumbed and fried with any hint of moisture taken out or canned salmon, not fresh, just canned. Sigh I love my fish and seafood. Fishing in fresh water or the sea was a family thing when I was growing up, it wasn’t a thing my husbands family did. Don’t worry I don’t miss out we live by the sea, fish is good.

Our debate over canned salmon is whether to take out the bones, me I hate crunchy stuff in my salmon patties or sandwich. Hubby likes to leave them in to eat, for someone who is not a big fish eater this surprises me.

Needless to say I’m the one who cleans the skin and bits of the canned salmon before eating as I can’t handle those bones, he thinks he breaks them up small, but I KNOW!

If you are a canned salmon eater do you leave the skin and bones in there or discard it?

Gluten free

Due to some Thyroid issues I’ve decided to see if I can modify some of my favourite recipes to make them gluten free, apparently gluten and thyroid are not friends. I’m trying to minimise my gluten intake not totally cut it out as I don’t have to and it’s not life threatening for me.

I’ve had some total disasters. Not wanting to buy all the extra bits and pieces like  tapioca starch or xantham or guar gum or or or …. I’m trying to figure out substitutes that that I already have in my pantry.

Already stocking polenta (corn meal), rice flour, raw almonds/nuts, corn flour, coconut flour, chickpea/besan and  baking powder I have gone out and bought plain gluten free flour.

I have been using gluten free bread for a while which I find is great for toast.

It’s getting past the grittiness that I find the hardest to cope with in gluten free products. For me personally I’ve found that if I expect grittiness with almond or nut meal I’m fine. I know it’s all in my head, if it was life threatening I’d deal with it but I’m working on my issues lol.

So the upshot is that I find if I use the nut meals in my baking items I can get over the grit. This past weekend I made my TOTALLY OATY biscuits substituting only the oat flour for half almond meal and half gluten free flour the recipe does not change the rest of the ingredients and they turned out fine, you can’t really tell the difference.

So with a loaf of gluten free bread and a stash of gluten free biscuits in the freezer I’m ready for the next experiment.

*Please note that you still need to check all other ingredients ie; butter/marge, choc chips for no gluten. I’m only changing out/substituting the flours.





Tinting my moisturiser

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier, I’m probably late to this party and everyone is already there.

Make your own. I bought it every now and then it but never really liked the tint to moisturiser ratio, I thought over the years it may change, it didn’t.

So I sat down and figured out my own, everyone will be different so you’re going to have to change your ratios to how you like it.

For me personally my ratio is =

1 tablespoon of liquid make up.

2 tablespoons of my favourite moisturiser.

Stir in a pot/jar to thoroughly mix. Seal. Date (take note of what’s on your moisturiser or make up and use the lesser date). Use as needed.

If you feel you need a little extra colour add a dab more make up to your mix on the sponge/fingers on the day.

Until I was happy with my mix I started with teaspoons then swapped out to tablespoons and make more as needed.

With this I found that my foundation is so much easier to apply evenly.

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