This is was cooked in a slow cooker/crockpot but can also be made in a saucepan.

Measured with an average kitchen teaspoon.

Do you walk to the left or to the right?

In Australia we drive on the left side of the road, when most people walk down a footpath they tend to walk to the left for that reason, the old ‘keep to the left unless over taking’ adage you learn in driving school.

It never occurred to me until the other day that if I was to travel overseas (not likely but it could happen) I might have to take into consideration on what side of the road people drive on as to which side of the footpath I may have to walk down so I don’t bump into people.

If you drive on the right hand side of the road do you find that you also walk down the right hand side of the footpath?

I’m not saying there is a wrong or right way to walk down a footpath and in no way is there a rule written anywhere (or not that I’m aware of) that says you have to, just a curious thought that popped into my head.

On a travelator, escalator, a set of stairs, a bridge it’s to the left I go, the first port of call off to the side.

I’m right handed, drive a manual car and change gears with my left hand, hand bag on my left shoulder, maybe I’m a bit ambidextrous.

Cutting your steak

Have you ever tried cutting your own (raw) steaks from your own roast because a roast was cheaper than the already cut steaks?

I’ve done this a few times over the years and I’d like to think I’ve improved my steak cutting skills, after all I have my nice piece of beef, a wonderfully sharp knife and a nice thick chopping board.

Alas in this department my skills have not really improved as much as I think and I get these wonky slices of steak that when cooked are raw in some areas and over cooked in others.

I know my knife skills are no where near a butchers and his … or her job is pretty safe, at least from me.

Have you had success in this area?

Thank heavens at least I can cut a chicken into pieces, I have great scissors.

What’s your stock?

Are you a liquid stock sort of person or bullion cube stock person or do you use the powdered stuff from a tin?  I use all three.

It’s not until sitting down to type this post that I’ve really thought about my preferences.

I only use beef bullion cubes, I don’t use them often and they seem to last longer being in a concentrated cube.

Powdered in a tin, usually chicken, is mostly used as flavouring in things like savoury mince, chicken salt on chips, generally as that little bit of extra flavour in your food or casseroles. Failing having liquid stock  I default to the tin and follow the instructions for a large amount of stock.

Liquid stock, chicken or vegetable, (tetra pack) if I have it seems to go in soups.

Very occasionally I actually make my own stock and freeze to  use at a later date but not often.

Hash brown fingers/strips

Our favourite way to now cook our hash browns is in finger form, I found you can fit more in the air fryer this way.

All I do is microwave 3 hash browns for 1 minute to start defrosting, it’s  then as simple as cutting them length wise to make your fingers and organise in the heated air fryer.

Upside to making my hash browns this was is that you get more crunchy edges and I’m a lover of a very crunchy dried out hash brown.

You can still pop a seasoning like rosemary or chicken salt or other on top to give it another dimension.

I found as fingers they fit on a dinner plate with salad that bit easier or if you’re just making them to have as a movie snack instead of hot chips they are easier to handle.

Hash browns also come in many shapes, mine are usually oval and come from Aldi as they crunch up nicely and are cheap. Other brands come in a rectangle so why not cut corner to corner or even into 1/4’s.

There is no reason you can’t still do this by baking in the oven in your usual way or under the grill or even the BBQ.

Yes you can make your own to any shape, but to be honest I just like my cheapie ones and keep my potatoes for other things.


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