Tissue trauma

Ok so it’s only a trauma in my little world, but I absolutely hate it when I pull the washing out of the machine to hang on the line outside and find those dreaded white flakes all over the clothes.

What’s worse is that I can’t even blame it on another it had clearly exploded out of the pocket in my shorts, my navy shorts and the entire dark load of clothes that I’d just washed. It hasn’t happened for years.

If this happened when the boys were younger my threat was that you had to  pick off each piece of tissue from everyones clothes including undies. Worked a treat, it virtually never happened.

I have no one to blame but myself, I’ve hung the clothes on the line and hope there is enough breeze to maybe blow it all off ….. but I don’t like my chances.

Anyone have any methods for dealing with my tissue trauma?

Strawberry season

Yes it’s my favourite season of the year once again. Strawberries never used to be my favourite as when I was a kid I’d break out in hives when I had one. Thank heaven I grew out of it as my Nana used to make the most wonderful strawberry short cake tart/flan with the strawberries we’d collect from her garden.

I’m not so great at growing my own strawberries but they do pop up in my garden from the compost at times.  I then have to fight the dogs to get to them first if they are over hanging at an edge.

Replenishing my freezer stock for smoothies etc is well under way and my fresh ones to eat are going pretty quick from the fridge but getting replaced quite frequently.

My favourite snack right now is a couple of tablespoons of greek yoghurt, a dessert spoon of maple syrup to sweeten it up and about half a dozen chopped up strawberries, heaven!

Strangely enough I’m not a fan of strawberry jam or strawberry topping/flavourings, like mango I like the real thing. Mango will be my next favourite season to come along as Christmas gets nearer.

I love these warmer months …. maybe not in the middle of the summer heat with no air con!

Re using plastic bags for food.

I don’t reuse all my plastic bags, I try very hard not to have them at all but it sometimes can’t be helped I’ve found. The ones I don’t use go back to the store for the recycling plant.

When I buy specialty bread, bread rolls or the like often come in plastic bags with the tiny holes that are mostly air tight but not really, not especially good if you wish to freeze it after.

When I’ve used what’s needed of the rolls, specialty bread etc I pop into a plastic freezer bag (or ziplock) and freeze. Once used these bags are 99% of the time clean when emptied except for some crumbs, these are the bags I pop back into the freezer, to keep to use another time.

Knowing the bags are essentially clean if they are popped back in the freezer then they can be used time and time again until something not so clean, say last nights leftover sausages greases them up they get reused as rubbish bags or dog clean up bags.

Generally there are only 2 maybe 3 empty bags in different sizes floating around in my freezer, inside top drawer, left hand side and are easy to find.

There is nothing wrong of course with reusing bread bags for the freezer as that is where my bread lives, but I find that sometimes foodstuffs that is not bread simply get left  because the bread bag is printed and you can’t see through.




Salad dressing shaker

How do you mix your salad dressings, do you just put  the ingredients into a jug and give a whisk or fork or do you pop it all into any container that has a lid and shake it all about?

Now don’t judge me by the look of my salad dressing shaker why mess with something that works?  It’s quite old, it’s plastic and the label never came off properly but it is the right size for the mostly coleslaw or potato salad dressing I make. My shaker is easy to wash and just thrown into a drawer when dried ready for next time.

I wrote on the sticky label … sort of, so my boys would not throw it away into the recycling bin.

I’m thinking that soon I may have to replace it with a nice little glass jar that looks a little prettier but I’ll have to be little more gentle when putting it away in the drawer.

Coleslaw dressing with herbs is in my jar.


Dressing room curtain fix

Ever taken your clothes into a change room and the curtains won’t meet in the middle either due to the 2 curtains not being wide enough or they are stretched into a weird shape?

My quick fix for that is to use your clothes hanger (the ones with the clip left and right that your pants or skirts usually get clipped to) to clip the two sides of the curtains together, the clips going to the top and bottom.

If I’ve learnt anything over the years it’s that not all change rooms have been created equal.

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