Christmas leftovers

As our main Christmas meal was at my sister in laws so we don’t have that many leftovers, our meats are eaten over the week between Christmas and new year when everyone wanders over for a visit in dribs and drabs.

Our leg ham was cut for our Christmas day breakfast and we finally finished it off.  2/3’s to eat and 1/3 sliced and popped in the freezer. Mum wants the bone for pea and ham soup, not a soup I like, the smell yik! My hubby does like pea and ham soup so she keeps a bowl for him.

We managed a few toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.

Ham and salad sandwiches.

Ham and egg pies or quiches in my pie maker with salad.

Ham mixed with cheese, egg, peas and corn make like sausage rolls or pasties.

Fried rice with ham chunks.

Ham on the pizza with bbq sauce, pineapple, banana.

Creamy sauce pasta with ham chunks.

Last night I baked the 2kg turkey roll to have with roast vegetables of potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, whole onions and small corn cobs and I added broccoli. Leftover veg is my lunch today.

Tonight is cold turkey with chips and salad, easy! Any slices of turkey left I will pop in the freezer for back to work lunches.

There were no dessert leftovers as they stayed at my sis in laws place but we have enough other junk food to last us I’m sure until Easter.

We are not big leftover people usually I only cook what I need but at Christmas time you’re just not sure who is dropping in.

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