Repurposing an over cooked cake

I made a vanilla cake today, nothing special just a cake. When I came back to see how many minutes were left on the oven timer, ooops I’d forgotten to put it on. I took a guess and was wrong.  Ok so my cake came out a little dry and over cooked. So instead of a cake I ended up with dessert.

I found a carton of custard in the pantry ( I make it from scratch most times but today was not one of them).  I cut up banana, some strawberries and a mango.

I layered them in a dish and made it look pretty,  sprinkled shredded coconut on top, popped it in the fridge for a few hours and  voila a trifle for dessert.

You can also add mostly set raspberry or any flavoured jelly. Just scoop out spoon fulls and layer with the cake and custard, still with the fruit or instead of the fruit.

I bagged and labelled the rest of the cake, to be served with custard, for the freezer.  I’ve now not wasted my ingredients and I’ve part of a dessert for next time.  No one knew I didn’t mean to make trifle for dessert, the custard has softened and put moisture back into the dry cake!

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