Freezer check time

As I was putting my groceries away after shopping today I decided it’s now time for a freezer clean out. It’s full.  At the store there were some bulk bargains and marked down bread and buns (the end of day) and I couldn’t help myself, now I have to find room for them in my freezer.  It’s time to check those small leftover bits and pieces, are they still usable, what needs to be tossed out?

So it would appear for the next few weeks I’m doing shopping nothing but fresh fruit and veg, bread and milk.  This usually ends in some very interesting meals … Kinda like the Mystery box on Master Chef.

I’m lucky that my lot will eat anything that is put in front of them, as long as they don’t have to make it, they are happy. I could ask what they’d like for dinner but the answer would come back as, something with chicken or  maybe something with steak?

Don’t forget to check your dates on your freezer packets.  When putting new food in try to put the old food to the front to be used first.  My freezer is frost free so I’m lucky I don’t have to defrost, I just need to remember to clean it out.

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