Making your own breadcrumbs is one of the easiest things you can do.

Fresh breadcrumbs

Bread picked to bits by your fingers or you can pop in the food processor leaving off the crusts. This works best with day old bread or stale bread, use up old bread rolls if you wish. Works best with white bread.

These are good for popping in your meat loaf, rissoles and fantastic for making your own chicken or turkey stuffing.

If using to stuff a bird take your breadcrumbs (approx 2 cups), an egg, herbs of choice, chopped onion and bacon, mush together and stuff the bird. Fresh crumbs give this a great texture OR roll into balls, pop into a muffin tray and bake until cooked and golden, they have a great crust and personally I love stuffing this way. You can also freeze the cooked stuffing balls.

Crumbs (dry) to pan or deep fry.

Just as easy as the fresh ones, all you have to do is pop the crumbs onto a try and pop into a preheated 160 – 170*C oven making sure you swish them around to toast evenly on the tray until golden brown and dried out, 10ish minutes.

If you wish for these crumbs to be smaller, once cooled crush with the bottom of a glass until the crumbs are the size you wish them to be.

I personally I only make what I need there are none to store.


Before toasting your crumbs add dry herbs or seasoning and mix together, those flavours will come out in your crumbs then when crushed more before use makes for a great flavour.

Photo below:  My breadcrumbs after toasting and cooling, they will be crushed when I crumb my chicken for dinner.

bread crumbs

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