What I call ‘Not quite french toast’

Easiest for 1 but can be done for more quite easily.

For 1 serve heat a small pan.

1 slice of bread buttered on one side.

Beat 1 egg with any herbs you like if you wish.

Pour the egg into the heated pan and quickly pop on the bread with the buttered side facing up.

When egg is cooked to desired firmness, flip.

Brown buttered side of the bread in a pan until cooked to your liking. Serve with either side up.

For more serves this is easily done in a bigger pan with more eggs and bread, you may just need to cut/push your bread pieces apart before flipping (if bread does not fit cut in half).

Great served with pan fried/grilled tomatoes or bacon or both.

Excuse my squashed bread it was the last in the loaf but still tasted delicious.


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