How I cook my beetroot.

Cooking beetroot for a long time scared me, once I got the hang of which method worked best for me I’ve not looked back nor bought the canned variety since.

Vinegar being the preservative in the tinned/jar variety, I only keep my beetroot once cooked in the fridge for 3 to 4 days. To be honest if I cook 2 to 3 whole beetroot at a time they usually are eaten quickly. If you have a big family do a couple of batches at a time.

How I cook my beetroot.

Peel 2 -3 medium beetroot, top and tail.

Cut the beetroot in half top and bottom then half again so you get 4 rings or at the very least make sure your pieces are of an even size (the smaller the size the quicker they cook). They do not have to be rings.

In a fry pan that will let each slice/piece sit on the bottom add a tablespoon of olive oil. Stove top about 1/4 heat.

Place your beetroot in the pan and sprinkle with a little cumin and coriander powder with a little ground salt and pepper (don’t over do the salt and pepper as you can fix to taste at serving time).

Pop a lid on the fry pan and let simmer away for about 5-10 mins, turn over and let cook until tender. I like mine just cooked, al dente. The steam and condensation in the fry pan with the lid should cook the beetroot just nicely, if you think you need a little more add a small amount of hot water to the pan. You are not after a browned slice so turn the heat right down if you need to.

Cool on a dinner plate and then store in the refrigerator. I use a glass lidded dish so the container does not discolour.

You can do the same method with whole beetroot and a saucepan if you wish to cook more in a batch, they will just take longer to cook so keep an eye on them.

They can be served hot with vegetables, lovely topped with Greek yoghurt.

I chop the slices into chunks for salad or slice thinner for a sandwich. I love served with feta cheese.




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