Flavoured Pepsi, Coke or Cola.

We are a Pepsi household but I must admit a few years back when the flavoured Cokes came out we had a try at all the flavours. I liked the lemon, the lime, I wasn’t fussed on the vanilla.

Being the Pepsi drinkers that we are we decided to make our own versions, it’s easy.

All you need is your glass of favourite cola drink a fresh lemon or lime or some vanilla extract.

Me, I like to taste my lemon or lime so I generally use half a freshly squeezed lemon in my average 300ml glass, lime probably a little less. My husband likes only a smidge so if it’s a big lemon we get 2 drinks out of a half.

Vanilla, just try a few drops in your glass at first and see how you go.

I find you don’t lose your fizz as easily if you fill your glass with cola first and juice second.

For us as the kids were growing up and it’s something we vaguely still do now as adults a soft drink bottle was was put in the fridge on a Friday night because it was a weekend treat along with potato crisps. Also a school holiday treat. Mr 21 didn’t drink any soft drink until he was about 10yrs old as he hated the bubbles up his nose when he drank.

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