Rainbow or Marble cake

Just to brighten up a cake make a marbled or rainbow cake.

The easiest way to do this is to use a bought packet/box mix or use your normal from scratch vanilla and chocolate recipes.

Make the batter for 1 vanilla cake mix or butter cake mix. Divide the batter into 2 bowls.

Make the batter mix for 1 chocolate cake mix.

In one of the vanilla bowls add some food colouring remembering that a little goes a long way. I used red/pink for the picture below but if you wanted blue, green or orange go for it.

Line your cake tray, I usually use a 33x23cm lamington tray as you are essentially baking a double cake mix.

I start by pouring in a random way the chocolate as there is more of that mixture, the red/pink then the vanilla and blotched in the remaining chocolate cake batter. Don’t make the globs to small or it kinda goes a muddy colour, you want clear colour splotches or blobs.

Bake in a 180*C oven for about 30 minutes checking with a skewer that it’s cooked. Turn onto a wire rack to cool. (for this you will probably need the double wire rack method as it’s a big cake).

Let cool and ice any colour you wish.

Slice and serve or slice and freeze.

This looks great as cupcakes with teaspoonfuls of coloured cake batter, baking for 10-15 mins then ice or frost.

rainbow cake 2rainbow cake sliced

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