… and so it goes.

For me it’s been a pretty unexciting week, a catch up week if you will. I managed to make cheese and chilli scrolls to stock up my freezer …  I wasn’t watching the mixer properly and my dutiful Sunbeam mix master with dough hooks walked itself off my bench top and landed on the floor.  I plugged her back in, fixed up the beaters again and finished kneading my dough, all was well, phew!

I grated up a block of cheese to pop in the freezer. I also gave my cupboards a quick clean. Nothing new in my experimental world I’m afraid.

Hubby and I are trying to get our yard and shed tidied up as we are now in Autumn, not that we can’t do anything in the yard one season and not the other we don’t get any snow or sleet etc. it’s just tidy up time.



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