Chocolate self saucing pudding

I was lazy and I was busy many years ago.  I started buying the packet pudding mixes, but decided after a while they were too expensive for the small pudding you actually made from those packets.  I wanted a pudding for dessert one night.  I didn’t have a packet pudding mix but I did have a home brand cake mix, so I used that for the batter instead.  I guessed the amounts of sugar and cocoa going on what I like for a cocoa drink. I ended up with this chocolate self saucing pudding. If this sauce is not sweet enough add a bit more sugar until you get it right but you’ll find with ice cream, the sweetness all evens out in the end. If you find the sauce too thick add more boiling water next time in the sauce mix.  Enjoy.

My preference is to make this in individual dishes/ramekins.  One packet of cake mix will give me 4 individual chocolate desserts and 4-6 cupcakes for lunches the next day out of the one mix. For a gathering I make one big dish.

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