Background paper

While yesterdays post was on word backgrounds I should say don’t forget to google printable or free scrapbooking papers.  File them away for future uses of scrapping or card making or other times you need a patterned paper.  You can also find card images and embellishments you can print and cut out.  I always print these on a thin card as that makes cutting out by hand easier.

You can buy a sticker maker that puts the backing on your cut out image to make your own stickers.  The machines are great for those more fiddly pieces you cut out that need all points stuck down.  Mine is a xron and they come in  a couple of different sizes.

Using the google image search is great for those times you want something different right now, or you can’t get to the shops.  Yes you do go through ink on your printer faster but to some point I think it’s a cheaper option. Yes your paper is the smaller A4 and not a proper 30×30 cm scrapbooking size, unless you have that bigger sized printer. A4 is a wonderful size for card making.

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