Word printed background paper

Make your own word printed background paper. I put up my document wordpad from windows and went to google to look up mothers day verses and sayings.  I copied and pasted those verses I liked in random fonts and font sizes throughout my wordpad page, with the occasional Happy mothers day thrown in in capitals. I chose a colour to print. I printed a few of these pages off on thin card, not paper and used as my background, matted, added a ribbon and a matching or contrast flower.

This method can be used for fathers day verses, birthdays, the verse list is endless or simply happy birthday.   Personalise it with just their name repeated many times in different fonts and colours.

You can use this method for cards, making small boxes or bags.  Make a card and box or bag that matches.   Use for scrapping as long as your card is acid free.

These are the cards I sent off a couple of years back for overseas soldiers, using this method.

See picture below in front row, OR see Papercraft gallery under Anytime cards for a closer look.



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    • Kathleen Caterson on March 7, 2014 at 2:51 pm
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    Great looking cards. Nice way to personalise the card & make it different from bought ones.

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