Macaroni and cheese on leftovers.

Maybe macaroni and cheese on leftovers doesn’t sound that fantastic but we like mac and cheese in this house, home made that is, but I like to make it more of a meal because as far as I’m concerned pasta in cheese sauce alone is not a meal.

It started when I had some spaghetti bolognaise meat sauce leftover but really it wasn’t a lot but it was a saucy meat mix.  I added some par cooked vegetables anything really got popped into that meat mix.  Covered in my macaroni cheese and baked until heated through and the grated cheese on top golden brown.

This got me to thinking what else could I use.

I’ve made it with leftover beef casserole.

Leftover chicken casserole.

Pulled pork topped with macaroni cheese with veg on the side.

Vegetables and no meat in the sauce.

Pork or beef link sausages in an onion gravy (cooked) with vegetables then mac and cheese sauce over.

I have made this with normal spaghetti in white sauce over meat and vegetables. Note to self this is not easy to serve with long saucy spaghetti bits flapping in the breeze while trying to serve neatly on a plate.

Up to you whether you use the box stuff or your own mac and cheese mix, but it’s a great variation to use up left over casseroles, meats etc.


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