Bourbon steak

This is one of my sons recipes, he learnt off someone who was shown by a friends brother at an Uncles place? I love it’s simplicity and you don’t need much.

Your favourite steak.

1 tablespoon butter

Generous splash of your favourite bourbon.

When your steak is 3/4 done on its second side add the butter to the pan, don’t burn the butter.  Add the splash of bourbon.

All the butter should be melted by then.  Swish the meat around in this sauce. Take pan off the heat and turn the steaks over, swish around in the sauce and rest for a minute off the heat.  Serve. (if the butter sets a bit in the pan, take out steak and warm the sauce a little).

The amount of sauce will depend on how much butter and bourbon you put in the pan, don’t over butter.  I personally like this as a taste on the steak not smothered and drowned.

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