My freezer

Don’t  throw cooked food out – use your freezer. No one will know if you throw several different casserole leftovers together to make one big pot.

Custard, if I buy it big is cheaper.  Divide into usable portions and freeze.

Tomato paste, a large jar was always going mouldy before I use it all.  Spread into ice cube trays or other small lidded containers and freeze.

Tinned pie apples, (or your own cooked apples) or tinned peaches, freeze the leftover portion you don’t use.

Every one wanted grapes then no one ate them, pick off the vine, wash, dry, and freeze.

Blueberries, wash dry, freeze.

Whole oranges or lemons.  Can cut in half and freeze.

Bananas, peel, (I cut mine in half) and freeze.

Gravy, it was delicious and there is enough left over for another time, freeze it.

Cooked/boiled too much rice, freeze it. 1 minute in boiling water reheats this.

Pastry, make double to save you making it again so soon, freeze it.

Biscuit dough, make extra, freeze it.

Deli meats, keep half out to use and freeze the rest.

Grated cheese, buy or grate a bulk lot and freeze it.

Pocket breads, English muffins, freeze them, take one or two out as you need it.

Bread never goes stale in our house, buy a loaf and put a tight twistie tie on the bag, then freeze it.  Goes for bread rolls, sweet buns, scones, cakes (I slice first), English muffins, pizza bases, muffins.

The one thing I won’t personally freeze is pasta, I don’t like the way it defrosts BUT I have been known to pick out the pasta from pasta dishes and freeze the rest.

I have frozen all of these and the results defrosted are good but be aware some foods defrost better in the fridge over night and some go ok in the microwave or a stove top saucepan.  Make your own notes on how you like things done.  Experiment – it’s the only way I’ve happened along these things.

This is great for your own out of season fruit supply.

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