Aloe vera

I have a flower pot overflowing with aloe vera, every now and then when it’s root bound I take it out, cut it up, top up with soil and put back in the same pot, it just keeps on growing.  I’ve used it for sunburn over the years, although the boys have not been happy to have that green slime juice on them, but it works.

On saturday night while cooking dinner I managed to dribble boiling oil across the top of my thumb, don’t ask just one of those really dumb things I do on occasion.  I dabbed off the oil and ran my thumb under cold running water like they tell you to do.   I then remembered the aloe vera plant out back.  I slathered juice on my thumb, yes by now it was hurting, and I put a nice big band aid over the top.  Later I had my shower and did the process over again after.  I was so surprised that in the morning it didn’t hurt at all.  I took off the band aid and had dried green goop on my thumb but no blister. I did the band aid aloe thing all day sunday. Today, tuesday I felt that the skin had lifted but still no raised blister.  I can’t believe how well it’s healed when it should have been pretty bad.

My suggestion is if you don’t have an aloe vera plant go get one.  Keep it in a pot (it grows a bit wild) and even if you don’t use it often it’s a wonderful plant to have.

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