Grated cheese

For some reason this one time I went grocery shopping, I really looked at how expensive grated cheese was in the cheese aisle and thought wow, I’ve been paying that? So I bought 2 blocks of cheese, my usual and one cheaper (which my choices were one low fat block and 1 full fat block). It was daunting looking at 1.75kg of cheese and together it is more $ on cheese than I’d usually buy, but it was a bulk purchase.

I cut the cheese into chunks and fed through my food processors grating blades. I then divided into 2 or 3 ziploc bags and froze.  I found at the time it made a bit of a mess but I didn’t have to grate cheese again for a couple of months, which I thought fantastic. The little bits that get stuck in the blades, I just chopped up and mixed into the bags, as when cheese is melted who knows it’s not perfectly grated like the rest?  For lasagne the cheese is grated, ready in the freezer. For pizza the cheese is grated, ready in the freezer.  For sandwiches, the cheese is grated, ready in the freezer.

So like with most things it takes a little time at the beginning to get yourself sorted but well worth it in the end.  With the food processor it’s all over and done with in 10 minutes or so.

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