A different spin on a biscuit (cookie)

I made some chocolate choc chip biscuits (cookies) on the weekend just past but for something different I thought I’d roll the balls of dough, pop in the middle of a lightly spray oiled muffin pan and bake for the usual biscuit time to see what happened.

I’m going to do this again but more as I only did a few to see if they’d work, they did.

They came out as nice even round shapes of about 1cm  or so thick biscuits that were softish. I thought I’d pop in some peppermint butter cream and sandwich them together …. BUT, I left them unattended on the wire cooling rack with the other biscuits I made and lo and behold when I went to butter cream them they’d disappeared.

I also thought that maybe a chocolate ganache would work in the middle, or nutella, or maybe ice cream or …. They’re a work in progress.

Maybe one big biscuit dough cake but not sure on the cooking time for that.

I was thinking the biscuit dough would go well in shaped cupcake or muffin tins, eg christmas shapes?

Choc chip biscuit in muffin tin

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