Raise your straps ladies …

…… bra straps that is!  I know it’s a bit personal but have you ever noticed that you fit your bra straps nicely when you buy them and over time they seem to lengthen on their own? Every now and then after they’ve been washed I go and tighten up the slides (figure 8 buckley bits) on the straps then adjust to be more fitting when I put them on next time I wear them.

It’s one of those things we know we should do, but it just doesn’t always occur to us that it needs to be done maybe just a little more often and sometimes you can get a bit more life out of those bras.

If you find that the slide is constantly sliding and moving, tack in a couple of stitches that can easily be removed if you need to tighten in the future.

Also ladies I’ve been assured by a bra fitter that tightening your bra straps gives you a better bust line, makes you stand up straighter and extend the look of your torso … being short I like that bit!


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