Vege garden

I love my vege patch it doesn’t have a huge variety as it’s not a big garden I’d rather have a lot of what we’d use than bits and pieces that don’t do well.

My vege I love to grow in our winter is snow peas they go nuts going up the mesh and we end up supplying others … sometimes.

I like them thrown into the pot of steaming vege just to warm them through in a hot meal I love them chopped in a salad or when I walk past and just grab one off the vine.

My dog has taken a liking to the snow peas I have to watch him as he sneaks in to take his own tomatoes, snow peas and other stuff, his own personal snack place … a fence is now around the raised garden. How do I know this, he was caught red handed picking ripe cherry tomatoes out of big pots. Sneaky thing.

I have sweet potatoes in 3 large pots they like potatoes grow from an off cut and don’t need tending very much.

Do you have your own vege garden, large or small, do you have that sneaky pet that likes to pick their own food?

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