My saved experiment

I’ve been playing around with less sugar in a recipe, I’m not wanting the artificial stuff you buy in a jar or packet.

Solution …. partly, date paste, it’s easy to make and was suggested by my vegan niece.

1 full cup any whole dates soaked in 3/4 very hot to boiling water for about 1hr. *NOTE; if they are a very dry date you may need the boiling water and a longer soak time. Also it depends on how thick you want your paste to be and we all know it depends on how packed that measuring cup is or the size of the dates, it varies, so vary your water if need be, sometimes it’s half others 1 whole cup.

I made a chocolate chip biscuit recipe replacing the sugar with date paste I thought they turned out ok even if they were not very sweet, it seems I needed more paste. I froze that 1 tray of biscuits I baked as it seems they are now for my own personal eating because they weren’t the usual sweet, BUT the rest of the mix I froze as raw dough. It seems though that I’ve misplaced my experiment recipe, back to square one.

I needed a slice to take to the inlaws for morning tea, I defrosted the above dough, spread it with jam then topped it with a mixture of 1 egg, 1/3 cup of caster sugar and 1 cup coconut then spread that mix out with my fingers. It basically turned my biscuit recipe no one wanted into a jam and coconut slice base. The jam sweetened up the not very sweet biscuit base and no one was the wiser, my ingredients saved.

The upshot of this story is that just because your cooking experiment didn’t go as planned there is usually something else it can be transformed into with no one being the wiser, give it a go.

I think it will be back to the drawing board to reconfigure this less sugar thing in my baking, it’s hard as sugar and butter is what gives your biscuits their spread, their thinness, their crunchiness so maybe I can do a 2/3 and 1/3 thing, it’s still less.


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