Shredded or pulled beef

I’m writing this as a post rather than a recipe because like other things I cook, I more often than not just throw things together and go with my taste buds and ‘this will do’ measurements. In other words if you’re a bit of a haphazard kind of cook these kinds of recipes can work well for you.

We call it shredded beef but it’s also known as pulled beef.

If you aren’t worried about calories or sugar content go for the great tasting …

1 can of full strength coke, an equal amount of bbq sauce with a bit of sweet chilli sauce thrown in for good measure.


Try 1x 425g can of crushed tomatoes (can blitz or leave chunky) 1/2 to 1 cup of beef stock (bullion), about 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce OR chilli sauce and 1/4 cup of bbq sauce … OR use any variant of the the above ingredients.

I use a pieces of beef skirt steak, about 1kg (skirt steak = flank steak) cut into 2 or 3 pieces depends on size and crock pot fit. Cook for 6-8 hours or until it’s shredable and well cooked.

If the meat is fatty the sauce will be fatty when it’s all cooked, if you can take off some of the top oil.

Shred your meat on a board, pop in a bowl and mix in enough sauce from the crock pot to make it as saucy as you need. If you wish keep any left over sauce label container and freeze, use later for sausages, rissoles, steaks or meat loaf etc.

This also works for chicken to shred though you should use chicken bullion.

Seal flat in zip lock bags for a quick defrost, label and use for lunches, quick burgers, burritos, I like it with with mashed potatoes and vegetables for dinner.

Make it your own, add garlic, onions or ……


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