Rubber bath/shower mat

I thought I was getting away with a good cheap find when I bought my new rubber bath mat (it doesn’t worry me not having one but my mum stays over and she occasionally slips on the tiled floor, so rubber mat it is) turns out it was cheaper because it had no holes for drainage/water to go through once the shower water had hit it.

Easy fix, I have a hole punch, one you use a hammer for. I have this because I have skinny boys and they always needed one more tighter hole in their belts.

I grabbed my hammer, hole punch and a backing board to hammer on and went to it, I hammered holes all over my rubber mat. Turns out my holes even had a bit of symmetry and didn’t look too bad when finished, it actually looked like it was bought that way.

My crisis was averted. I love my hole punch it comes in handy for all sorts of things besides putting holes in belts.

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