Salsa Chicken Parmigiana

We love a good chicken parmigiana in this house.  Last night I decided this is what we are having for dinner but in reality I was to lazy to do the chicken crumbing portion of the recipe.

Using 2 whole (or 1 double) breast pieces. I cut each breast piece in 3, the thicker portion top and bottom for 2, then the thinner end, 3 pieces in total.

I pan fried the chicken in spray oil to just get colour and seal the meat.

Pouring in a jar of salsa I let simmer with a lid until the chicken was cooked, making sure I turned and covered with the salsa.

Heat up the griller.

Then I sprinkled some shredded ham on the tops of the chicken and then a slice of cheese (enough to just cover the chicken piece)

Popped the pan under the griller until the ham had heated and the cheese bubbled.

I served with steamed potatoes, broccoli and carrots.   YUM.  I was actually asked to do this dish again this way.

If you like a spicier chicken sprinkle on some some of your favourite spices or use a hot salsa.

This only took about 15-20 mins to cook.

I didn’t write this up as a recipe as I didn’t have a photo to show you.


*My photos aren’t by a great photographer, just me. No fancy lighting.  They are the best that I can take with my mobile phone camera.


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