My pie maker

Being a Friday I generally scrounge around in the freezer to see what tidbits of frozen cooked meats I can find, this can be savoury mince, spaghetti bolognaise sauce to any cooked veg I’ve thrown in there, it happens, I won’t waste it. Meat pies can be made out of not much meat (about a cup or so) and some precooked veg or the usual frozen veg from a bag.

Sunbeam is my maker of choice for 4.  All you need is your cooked meat, some chopped pre cooked veg and frozen puff pastry. If we have pies as a meal alone we have 2 each.  With proper veg meal we have 1 pie each (no veg inside)  with the usual mashed potato, peas and carrots on the side.

If you wish to use less pastry make mini shepards pies topped with mashed potato and a little grated cheese.

If you have left over cooked chicken shred this, add a tablespoon or so of undiluted cream of chicken soup (from a can) for the sauce, just enough to bind.

Bacon and egg is another nice filling or with cooked and chopped sausage. Egg takes a while to cook and set in a pie maker so you may have to check a couple of times to make sure it’s cooked to your liking.

Cooked veg with egg, no top pastry is nice.  Checking egg is cooked.

Really the list is endless with no set rules for your filling. If there is not much meat I bulk it up with more veg.

The pie maker also works well with fruit pies and can be topped with a crumble to serve with ice cream for dessert.  A favourite of ours is apple crumble pie.

I use frozen puff pastry on top and bottom with no problems, it always crisps and is easy to pick up once cooked.

All of this can be done without a pie maker, just make sure the pie goes into a hot oven, approx 200*C  for 20mins or so.

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