Keeping socks paired

Do you have trouble keeping your socks paired?  There is an easy way for white socks grab a permanent marker (sharpie or nikko pen or the like) and pop a dot on the bottom (if you’re worried the marker will mark through to the top layer pop your hand in the sock). 2 dots for the next pair. 3 dots for the next etc.

More than one person in the house, use a different coloured marker for each person red, blue, black, purple etc.

Dark socks are a little trickier but not impossible grab a needle and some different coloured cottons and pop a couple of stitches in the toe, or sole, tie/knot off and trim a little.

This worked so wonderfully for us when we all as a family travelled, no one could complain who had what socks that weren’t theirs! Also makes doing folding and matching while putting your laundry away easier to just see colours and match the dots then add to the appropriate pile.

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