Donut shaped donut cupcakes

I received a free donut pan with a magazine so decided to make my donut cupcake recipe into the ring shape of a donut rather than the cupcake.

Depending on the finished size of your donuts you should get about 10 from that mix.

Using my finger and a little butter/margarine grease the tin shapes and dust with a little flour, turn the tin upside down and knockeout most but not all the flour.

I used a spoon to pour it around the tin shapes or you could use a spouted jug.

As a donut they take less time to bake about 8-10 mins, keep an eye on them and use a skewer to test.

Using a softish sided spatula carefully edge out the cake, turn upside down brush with melted butter/margarine and sprinkle with a sugar and cinnamon mix.

Eat while still a little warm for the better donut feeling but also good cold.

Can be frozen but to be honest they didn’t last that long.

donut cakes

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