Wind burned skin.

It’s that time of the year for us Autumn going into winter. It’s the time that the cool wind picks up when you’re outdoors and dries out your skin.

Mr 21 is a very fair skinned, I’m the same. He gets that very dry red skin on his face and for me it’s face and the backs of my hands.

I figured a long time ago if Zinc and Castor Oil cream was good enough for a babys bottom and nappy rash then it could be pretty good for other things as well.  I started it on the backs of my hands. If it’s bad and really dry I rub the oil cream in liberally and pop some thin cotton gloves on and leave for as long as possible, overnight is good. If I’ve been out side I just rub a little in and be careful I don’t touch stuff. I’m not fanatical about when I put it on, just when the back of my hands feel not so soft or starting to get that cracked feel to them.

If it worked so well on my hands the face was the next thing. Lotions didn’t seem to work or took way to long to soften that ruddy dry red skin. Straight out of a shower at night the face gets the castor oil cream. Be aware that you may wish to pop an old pillow case on the pillow because you may leave some of that cream behind while sleeping. It’s not pretty while it’s on your face it’s oily based but it does work and pretty quickly.

If you are in the kitchen and feel your hands are dry just massage a touch of olive oil into the backs of your hands, this works well for just a bit of daily moisture.



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