Our nest is empty

We’ve had a fun couple of weeks around here we’ve attended a wedding, my extra hours at work and Mr 21 has packed his belongings and he’s moved out of home with a friend. He’s happy because that has halved his travel time to work and back.

He’s hoping to become a CPA (certified practising accountant) but wouldn’t knock back being forensic account if it came along, extra study, extra money for courses and letters after his name but he just loves his numbers. If he does well at work they may help him pay for those letters after his name.

After going through cupboards here at home to see what items I can do without and his careful saving to go out and buy what he needs he’s pretty set up.

For us it’s quite quiet and I think the poor dog is looking for that extra lap to jump into. I’m working on cooking for 2.

Mr 25 is also on the move to another house, though he’s not lived at home for 5yrs and in the process of changing jobs.

Life if never dull but we’re all pretty happy¬† …. though after this last week maybe we need a little rest and relaxation.

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