Herb butter

Fresh herb butter is easy, finely chopped fresh herbs and butter,  or you can use margarine.

If you are making herb butter with fresh herbs be aware they have a shorter fridge life,  the herbs deteriorate reasonably quickly. To solve this problem spoon the herb butter into ice cube trays and freeze, use as needed.

Use dried herbs with your butter as this will keep in a sealed container in the fridge for a week or two.

Our favourites are …

Fresh parsley and garlic.

Dried mixed herbs with garlic.

Chilli and coriander.

Try mixing in a little grated parmesan cheese with basil and garlic.

Use on fresh sour dough bread or toast with sliced tomato.

On top of cooked vegetables or meat.

Use as much or as little of each combination as you like. Try your own combinations.

herbed butter


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