Hash brown fingers/strips

Our favourite way to now cook our hash browns is in finger form, I found you can fit more in the air fryer this way.

All I do is microwave 3 hash browns for 1 minute to start defrosting, it’s  then as simple as cutting them length wise to make your fingers and organise in the heated air fryer.

Upside to making my hash browns this was is that you get more crunchy edges and I’m a lover of a very crunchy dried out hash brown.

You can still pop a seasoning like rosemary or chicken salt or other on top to give it another dimension.

I found as fingers they fit on a dinner plate with salad that bit easier or if you’re just making them to have as a movie snack instead of hot chips they are easier to handle.

Hash browns also come in many shapes, mine are usually oval and come from Aldi as they crunch up nicely and are cheap. Other brands come in a rectangle so why not cut corner to corner or even into 1/4’s.

There is no reason you can’t still do this by baking in the oven in your usual way or under the grill or even the BBQ.

Yes you can make your own to any shape, but to be honest I just like my cheapie ones and keep my potatoes for other things.


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