What’s your stock?

Are you a liquid stock sort of person or bullion cube stock person or do you use the powdered stuff from a tin?  I use all three.

It’s not until sitting down to type this post that I’ve really thought about my preferences.

I only use beef bullion cubes, I don’t use them often and they seem to last longer being in a concentrated cube.

Powdered in a tin, usually chicken, is mostly used as flavouring in things like savoury mince, chicken salt on chips, generally as that little bit of extra flavour in your food or casseroles. Failing having liquid stock  I default to the tin and follow the instructions for a large amount of stock.

Liquid stock, chicken or vegetable, (tetra pack) if I have it seems to go in soups.

Very occasionally I actually make my own stock and freeze to  use at a later date but not often.

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    • Jennifer Marsden on March 27, 2019 at 5:52 pm
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    I do use stock cubes but most,y use the powdered stock, beef and chicken.

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