Dog jumper/sweater

Quite a few years ago I complained to an online friend that I had trouble finding my mini fox terrier dog a winter jumper, she had the chihuahuas small body on fox terrier long legs and came in at 3kg after a big meal. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money but I had been because it’s all I could find to fit her.

The solution was to cut the long sleeve off a jumper (her US sweater) measure the leg holes and cut, then the band at the wrist goes nicely around the neck and shoulders. YES!

So I found my old polar fleece jumper, cut off the 2 sleeves and turned the body section inside out.  The sleeves got the holes, the body I sewed up the cut arm holes and stuffed with cushion filling, sewed up the bottom.

So my little Sunnie now had 2 nice form fitting fleecy jumpers to keep her warm and a new mattress. She loved this I’m not sure if the smell of me was still in the fleece or it was just so nice and warm.

I realise this is not possible for every dog and body shapes vary so much on dogs and jumper sleeves depending on what they are made of have more give or stretch than others.

This can also be done of course with knitted jumpers but you have to sew up the cut end or it will unravel so you have to be a bit more creative with your sewing.

Sunnie passed away in Feb and we now have a new dog,  we don’t have any jumpers with sleeves to fit him so we are figuring out poor Bailey as for us here in Australia it’s 2/3’s through Autumn and getting ready for winter. I might have to find an online pattern and sew one up for him.

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