Kitchen drawers

I had my kitchen remade 4yrs ago all my under bench cupboards became drawers, excluding the 2 corner cupboards that have  bi-fold doors with that cavernous bottom back corner.  I left those as bi-fold doors because I’d lose too much space with a lazy susan or those weirdly shaped corner drawers which you also lose space on. Fantastic, I love it.

I’d been wondering lately why those doors and drawers are now making bang noises when I close them (I know you can get soft closing drawers but I had a budget and I wanted other stuff).  Easy, most of those little round silicone stoppers(?) had come off, I have no idea where they went they are just not where they are supposed to be.

So I now have new silicone stoppers on my drawers and doors to stop the bang and I even gave them a quick clean out.

Why is that the top drawer always seems to get crumbs in the cutlery drawer tray?  I swear those drawers are shut when I wipe down the bench!

I’ll have to go check the laundry and bathroom cupboards and drawers next, they have been in the house many more years.

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