Corned beef for lunches

I have a piece of corned beef I bought to cook, slice up and freeze.  Much cheaper than buying from the deli and really the cooking takes care of itself.

I cover my meat in water in a large pot.  I tip in about 1 tablespoon of vinegar.

Depending on the size of my meat I just let it simmer away for a couple of hours. At least an hour for each kilogram.  For me it’s not a precise time, I just let it go and check every now and then.

It’s up to you but this is one thing I do not go for a salt reduced option.

If you have a bigger piece of meat and want it to cook quicker, cut it in half.

We love this hot with cheesy white sauce and vegetables.

Corned beef fritters, just make up your pancake batter leaving out sugar, add mixed herbs, salt and pepper and chopped cooked corned beef, throw in a few cooked frozen peas and corn.  Cook and flip fritters just like pancakes.  These can be frozen.

We love this cold as corned beef and tomato sauce sandwiches or a bread roll.

It’s lovely if you cut a bread roll in half, put in your corned beef, put on some tomato sauce and a slice of cheese. Cover and seal in some aluminium foil and pop in the oven for 15-20 mins while the cheese melts, open to crisp up the roll a bit.

Slice cooked corned beef and portion to freeze for lunch meat or other meals.


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    • Jennifer Crewe on April 17, 2014 at 9:10 am
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    You are full of interesting tips and ideas. Why I have never thought of putting a bread roll in foil and heating the oven. I can’t imagine why I never in all my 70 years never thought to do this. Maybe because I have a phobia about the cost of putting the oven on? I don’t know. Thank you for this spot on the net. I love what you share.

    1. I’m lucky enough to have a double oven (large and small) and there is usually more than one person to make this for BUT a toaster oven for single person is a great thing as is a convection microwave oven that way you’re not heating a huge space.
      Jennifer this works just as well with sliced turkey, ham or even left over spaghetti or burrito mince, it’s just a roll in foil. Chicken, ham and cheese is a favourite combination of mine.
      You could do this if you’re already baking, just heat beside your baking cake. You could put it in the heated oven for a bit then turn the oven off … just don’t forget and find in the oven 2 days later!
      There was a pie oven at the factory I worked at a long time ago. I started wrapping up my meat rolls like this. If I wrapped it in foil and popped in the pie oven at morning tea time is was hot melted and gooey by lunch, it was great in winter.

    • kathleen caterson on April 24, 2014 at 5:10 pm
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    I picked up a heart smart piece for 1/2 price that was salt reduced. I cooked it in a splash of vinegar, tbls brown sugar, some cloves & a pinch of nutmeg. Turned out to be a nice piece of meat. Our leftovers was also with tomato sauce but we toasted the bread.

    1. Good going on marked down meat.
      My mother in law puts all that extra stuff into her corned beef but I don’t see the difference in flavour from hers to mine with just vinegar, so I don’t put all that stuff in, just a personal preference.
      … and I love corned beef fritters with the leftovers as well, yum!

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