Being experimental

This past weekend I baked two items first up was a brownie.

Peanut butter brownie.  I decided to swap out 1/4 of the margerine/butter and add in crunch peanut butter (mixed both together and microwave melt). I also added a handful of peanut butter chips, this worked out to be pretty good. Not overly peanut butter which I liked and would probably do again for a change.

Weet bix biscuits. I decided to swap out the self raising flour for oat flour and 3 teaspoons of baking powder.  The mix was quite runny like a cake so I poured the mix into cupcake trays and they actually turned out ok but I was hoping for something more biscuit like.  The biscuits are not sweet at the best of times which I don’t mind but as these were cupcakes I had that mentality that they should be sweeter so dribbled on a little icing. Not what I expected but still nice … phew no ingredients wasted.



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