How do you sort your weekly happenings in your house hold? Work is back this week after the Christmas break, weekend sports will be starting again soon and in about 3 weeks the new school year will once again begin.

How do you sort out who goes where at what time so that the kids and the adults in your home know who goes where at what time?

I have a magnetic weekly calendar. This poor calendar was bought when now Mr 22 was in about Gr4 in primary school, it was a fundraiser thing. It took me a while to sort it all out but when I did that weekly calendar and it was on the fridge it was a very useful item.

Before I got a fancy phone I used to carry a diary and all my weekly appointments, school happenings, weekend sports, hubbys work dos, birthdays, everything really was in that diary and every sunday night I’d find the week ahead in that diary and with a whiteboard marker I would put in all the coming events for that week. Fantastic!

As times changed the boys would put their part time work hours and extra school events on the calendar themselves, later on it would be their Uni or full time work hours and meetings. The best thing I’ve ever bought as a fund raiser lol.

Mine is a magnet but you could make your own by marking up the week with a felt pen on light coloured firm card stock (240gsm or more) then covering  in clear sticky back contact. Adhere to thin magnetic sheets ( you can get A4 sized ones from cheapie shops usually or magnetic  “L or P” driving plates etc) and pop on your fridge. Making sure all your contact fold over/around edges are between the cardstock and magnet to keep it tidy.

Use your whiteboard marker to write up your events, wipe off with a damp cloth and dry before popping up the next weeks. Of course you can personalise it to however your family works. Job/chore rotations of the kids, who mows the lawn, washes  the car, who makes dinner tonight or what meal is being had.

Picture of mine below.


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