Washing the clothes, doing the laundry …

Washing the clothes, doing the laundry, whatever you call it do you use a liquid soap or a powder soap in your machine?

For myself I like a laundry powder, one that works in a cold water wash. 

Do you use the full amount in the instructions on the box?

I use about 1-2 tablespoons of powder depending on whether it is a very dirty wash or  just the usual everyday clothes wash.  For whites I also use a tablespoon of Napi-san ( a powder bleach usually for soaking cloth nappies (diapers)).

Do you use a fabric softener in your wash cycle?

A very long time ago I heard you could use white vinegar instead of softener as it’s better for your machine it’s cheap about $1 for 2 litres ( be aware there are different strengths).

I also found vinegar in the rinse/softener cycle took the summer sweaty smell out of the boys clothes, you know how stinky sporty teenagers get and even better if you line dry. The vinegar smell dissipates as the clothes dry.

Do you have a top loader or a front loader washing machine?

After many years of a top loader then going to a front loader it was wonderful to get our water bill cut by a third. The front loaders use much less water but I know some people have a hard time giving up their top loaders.

The first rule of front loader, if you forget that sock you forget that sock, it has to wait for the next wash.


    • Jennifer Marsden on August 3, 2020 at 5:40 pm
    • Reply

    We use liquid Omo in our front loader. If I used fabric softener it would be vinegar. I also like fragrance in my wash but Ralph does not. I can live without so continue using what he was using when we married. I also prefer a top loader but, hey how,he had a good front loader! I use less than stated amount of washing liquid.

    1. In the end Jennifer it’s what you get used to.

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