The toilet brush

Yep the good old toilet cleaning brush, it sits in it’s little holder there beside the toilet just waiting to be used when needed … but the toilet cleaning brush needs cleaning to.  How do you clean yours or do you just throw it away and start anew?

I generally take my brush and the holder outside every now and then, hose it down then douse it in vinegar or disinfectant, you can also use bleach but it’s not so good to use in the garden or on the grass which is where I tend to do mine.

If you don’t wish to take out side or are unable to try just filling up the cannister/holder (or outdoor cleaning bucket) with your choice of cleaning fluids, sit for a few hours and tip out or dispose of in a safe way.

It’s one of those jobs that no one wants to do but needs to be done, when my brush gets ratty looking it gets thrown out and I start with a new one, at least this prolongs it’s use and saves a few $$.

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