Shake it ‘n’ bake it

Shake ‘n’ bake or just plain old shaker seasoning packets they are so easy to make for yourself and much cheaper.

All you really need is the seasonings of your choice whether it’s a jar of your favourite Italian herbs or Turkish or cajun mixes.

Plain flour or wholemeal flour.

A lidded container that will fit your meat or vegetables. You can use a zip lock or freezer bag if you wish.

2 tablespoons of your herb or seasoning mix

3-4 tablespoons of flour.

Mix these together by shaking in the bag or container.  Just wet your finger a little and taste, if you think it tastes too hot add a little more flour, if not strong enough add a little more seasoning.

Bake or fry as usual.

Try this Pork or seasoning.

Replace some of the flour with semolina or polenta/cornmeal.

If you’re using mixed herbs you may need to add a little salt and cracked pepper.

If you’re going to use oven bags they are much cheaper plain and in several sizes than the pre made/mixed packets.

You make as much or as little of this as you need, great for 1 person. Play with with it and see what suits you and your family.

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