Scented rubbish/garbage bin liners.

Do you buy scented rubbish bin liners/bags? Get the same effect in a plain liner by dabbing a cotton ball in your favourite scented oil and pop that at the bottom of the bag when you put a new liner in your kitchen bin. I usually use eucalyptus or tea tree oil.

If you have the space and your bin is hidden in a kitchen cupboard where no one can see pop the scented cotton ball in a small jar or container.  Pop the jar in the cupboard, it will scent the area a little more and it will last a little longer. When the scent is waning start all over again.

The scented oil cotton ball in a jar will also work in any out of the way place like the bathroom cupboard, the linen cupboard, laundry and wherever else you want a little scent.

Be aware that if you’re doing multiple rooms you need to be coordinated or going from room to room maybe a surprise to the senses. Also be aware of how strong your scent is, start with one room and see how far your smell goes you may not need one in each room but only one or two around the whole house.

I’m not a candle burner and I’m not a fan of incense, I find this method more subtle. Of course open windows are the best way to air and get that lovely fresh smell but it’s not always possible.

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