Christmas cakes are done.

My chocolate Christmas cakes are now made and ready for when I need them. I make in muffin sized portions so that I can gift wrap and give as gifts for those I don’t see at Christmas time but will see sometime in the month of December.

My cakes are fortified with rum as the preservative or you can use brandy therefore they will last the distance until Christmas day … I do try so hard to hide them as when my boys come over they hunt them out to eat and before I know it they are all gone, boys!

If you don’t care for the alcohol you can make with apple juice but be aware that it won’t have the same shelf life of the alcoholic cake.

I double the recipe mix from the above link, this made for me 24 muffin and 8 very small loaf sized cakes.

This cake is more like a fruity rum brownie than the traditional Christmas cake my mum and nana used to make.

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