Pretty laundries?

My laundry is in the end of my double garage that is attached to our house not a bad place really for it to be but, I would really have loved it if it was just that little bit bigger as it’s also the walk through to go outside the side of our house.

Lucky I do have plenty of storage to put everything in with double cupboards already, we put in over head kitchen cupboards and a shelf to the inside dividing door to pop our shoes on. I have a single wash tub, a front loader washing machine on the floor, a dryer (though hardly ever used)  above.  The area covered in large carpet tiles. It’s functional.

But don’t you wish that just sometimes you want something pretty in such a working space even if it’s only a saying  in a frame a few flowers on the wall or … or sometimes just people putting their own washing in the appropriate basket … sorry  I digress we all know that never happens with kids around.

We last week I got in a cleaned out those cupboards, upper, lower and anywhere else and I mean really cleaned them out, old floor scrubbers, car sponges that were coming apart, empty spray cans etc of laundry cleaner, fly spray, dog shampoo, old scungy cloths and I was brutal, aaaand it felt fabulous. My laundry has also acquired some new tubs for whites, darks and others clothes to stack on the shelves that divide the end of my car to the laundry.

The floor was vacuumed though dog hair immediately replaced dog hair but that’s life. All old and mismatching thongs/flip-flops/jandals whatever you wish to call them are gone I even threw 2 pair of my old sneakers out, you know the ones you keep for mowing.

On top of my shelves with the new tubs I put  a couple of pots with some fake plants, in case they get knocked off that shelf, you never know these things and that little bit of pretty potted green was enough to make me happy with my new cleaned out laundry space.

What makes you happy in your worst chore room?


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