Powdered Milk

Personally to pop in my cup of tea or coffee or to drink as a straight glass of milk I don’t like the stuff, BUT I really love having powdered milk in my pantry. (I use the skim because I can’t get the between light and full fat)

Why, because if I’m running low on my normal liquid type of milk and I’m not going to the shops I make up some powdered milk (packet instructions), mix with what’s left in the bottle still using by the use by date on the bottle. No I don’t taste the powdered stuff when mixed, a great stop gap OR

It’s great to have to to use to make your white/cheese/parsley sauces, your custards and impossible pies, cakes, pancakes etc, you can’t taste any difference OR

Just the fact that overall it’s pretty cheap and keeps in the pantry for quite a while.

I prefer powdered milk over long life milk as I don’t like the after taste of the tetra pack and it’s also dearer ………… BUT if I’m desperate for that cup of tea or coffee I will take either in a pinch, just not my preferred.


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