Nail brushes and canvas

In summer I love to wear my flat lace up canvas shoes I pick them up cheap at target, they are so comfortable to wear out and about in summer when I’ve things to do, they go great with shorts and t-shirt. My kind of easy wear.

Keeping white canvas shoes can be a challenge though I’ve found a pretty neat way of keeping them clean, a clean dry nail brush. Just give them a quick brush over when you take them off and they are clean and ready to go next time you need them.

A dry nail brush is good for other things, used gently you can loosen up the dust that still collects at the edges of your carpeted room (where it meets the wall). No matter how close I get to those edges with the vacuum cleaner I still get an edge of slightly darker carpet where the dust can collect, a gently used nail brush or even tooth brush can loosen it up and make vacuuming a bit easier.

Gently use on fabric lounge suite/couch/sofa to loosen up or dislodge dried up bits of food that missed your mouth, stomach and lap to fall of the couch and you find it the next day dried there, lift and brush off.

Nail brushes also make cheap and easy potato or vegetable scrubbers.

I have a small short haired dog a nail brush is easy to hold to brush the dog and much cheaper than an actual dog brush.

Nail brushes come in all shapes, sizes and bristle hardness just be careful how much pressure you use on what the job is, always go gently first and proceed as need be as you don’t want to ruin anything.

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